Broadcast live on our station 4/11/23 @ 7pm

The Bar Stool Preachers - "Call Me On The Way Home" from "Above The Static"
Last In Line - "Dark Days" from "Jericho"
The Aquadolls - "Burn Baby Burn" from "Charmed"
Middle Part - "Chinatown (ft. Yuno)" from "Chinatown [single]"
the Campbell Apartment - "Bay Area Robot Farm" from "Bay Area Robot Farm [single]"
Cheekface - "Popular 2" from "Popular 2 [single]"
Holy Wire - "Forgive Me" from "Forgive Me [single]"
Chance Pena - "Bleeding Out" from "Bleeding Out [single]"
Diane Coll - "Into the Fire" from "Into the Fire"
Nick Waterhouse - "It Was The Style" from "The Fooler"
The New Pornographers - "Bottle Episodes" from "Continue as a Guest"
CATT - "Change" from "Change"
Alexz Johnson - "I Need You Like You Need Me" from "Seasons"
Jenny Lewis - "Psychos" from "Joy'All"
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