Broadcast live on our station 4/10/23 @ 7pm

The Stewart Dolly - "The Worst Part of Warren" from "Jon Bon Jovi Rest Area"
HETE - "better you" from "s/t"
Flycatcher - "Games" from "Stunt EP"
Cranston Dean - "The Root" from "Northern Town"
Tough Honey - "Bright Colors & Bold Patterns" from "Bayview Guestbook Demos"
Joey Biondi - "Orchids" from "EP"
arcuti - "sucker" from "sucker [single]"
Weftin - "AAAAHHHH!!!!" from "AAAAHHHH!!!! [single]"
JV Team - "Interrobang" from "The Great Before"
Reese Van Riper - "Keep Your Head Up" from "Saints"
Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds - "Let It Be Easy" from "Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds"
Dub Proof - "S.O.S." from "Neptune"
Ordinary Drifter - "Better Today (Medium Demo)" from "Demos 2023"
Erika Sherger - "Bad Wolf" from "Bad Wolf"
Terra Filia - "And The World" from "Space"
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