Broadcast live on our station 4/3/23 @ 7pm

The Antoine Poncelet Band - "April" from "April [single]"
Rov - "Afraid" from "Manic"
Petal Aggression - "Biscuit Overlord" from "Petal Aggression's Culinary Hits!!!"
Bobby Syvarth - "I Like (feat. Elliott Peck) PIneBox Studio Version" from "I Like [single]"
Nick Oriold - "Things to Do (03/14/2023)" from "Forever, Until the End of Time: Spring '23 Demo Tape"
Pepperwine - "Try" from "Try [single]"
The Gumbo Gumbas - "Drifting Off and Dreaming of You" from "Zydeland"
Audi Meae - "Emotions" from "Emotions [single]"
The Break Plans - "Y.O.U." from "Y.O.U. [single]"
Terra Filia - "Shine A Little" from "Space"
The Maravines - "Olive Gardens (Acoustic Version)" from "Orange"
Jacob Chacko - "Good Moment" from "Better Now or Never"
crowded shoulders - "Tuesday" from "The Place Where Songs Are Born"
The Wag - "Feeling Fine" from "Blue Bottles and Copper Coins"
Janitor - "Delusions Never Die" from "home For Breakfast"
Fox Teeth - "Wednesday, Forever" from "through The Blue"
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