Broadcast live on our station 3/28/23 @ 7pm

Whitehall - "Pull" from "Maizy"
Morgan and the Organ Donors - "So Dark" from "M.O.D.s"
The Idle Science - "Close" from "Close [single]"
Grouplove - "Hello" from "I Want it All Right Now"
Lucero - "She Leads Me" from "Should've Learned By Now"
Billy Tibbals - "Hollywood Baby" from "Stay Teenage"
Orbis Max and Lysa Mychols feat. Ed Ryan - "RUOK" from "RUOK [single]"
Darren Jessee - "Getting Close" from "Central Bridge"
Darling West - "Cosmos" from "Cosmos"
Pam Gadd - "Inch By Inch" from "Inch By Inch [single]"
Brooke Graham - "Easy Does It" from "Easy Does It [single]"
Esther Rose - "Safe to Run (feat. Hurray For The Riff Raff)" from "Safe To Run"
Robin Schell - "Eleven" from "The Macchiato (new 2023 version)"
Feist - "Borrow Trouble" from "Multitudes"
The Speedways - "A Song Called Jayne & A Lie Called Love" from "Talk of the Town"
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