Broadcast live on our station 3/27/23 @ 7pm

Jim Mill - "Burnt Out" from "Unhappy Hour"
Quinn Kennedy - "Unnamed #15" from "Unnamed #15 [single]"
The Blakes - "What You Own" from "New Tattoo - Out Takes"
The Wag - "With the Sun on Our Face" from "Blue Bottles and Copper Coins"
retrohaze - "world of struggle" from "001"
The Successful Failures - "Sunny Side Of Town" from "Wrong Together"
Phoneboy - "Wasting Time" from "Moving Out"
Quiz Show - "Withstand" from "Quiz Show"
Ian Matthew Keller - "Jersey Rockabilly Blues" from "57"
Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds - "Garbage" from "Renee Maskin & The Mysterious Wilds"
DownTown Mystic - "Losing My Mind" from "AmeriKarma"
Erika Sherger - "Indecision" from "Bad Wolf"
Wet Methods - "Too Far Gone" from "WET METHODS"
Big Rips - "Why Is Everyone So Happy?" from "Fun Face"
PAGAN TEETH - "I Know" from "S/T"
crowded shoulders - "sleepwalker" from "The Place Where Songs Are Born"
Today Is... - "What Is Happy (Original demo)" from "Unemployed Loser (Week One)"
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