Broadcast live on our station 3/20/23 @ 8pm *Special Day/Time*

Dave Hause - "Low" from "Drive It Like It's Stolen"
Blondshell - "Joiner" from "Blondshell"
Trench Dogs - "Colourful" from "Stockholmiana"
Alexz Johnson - "Hurt Me" from "Seasons"
Christine and the Queens - "To Be Honest" from "To Be Honest [single]"
Krista Herring - "The River" from "na"
Warn The Duke - "One Night" from "All That's Solid"
Fidlar - "Centipede" from "That's Life [EP]"
Iguana Death Cult - "Sensory Overload" from "Echo Palace"
Tony Saxon - "Little Did I Know (ft. Spencer Breslin)" from "A Few Cogs Short Of The Clock"
SkyeChristy - "Beach Zombies" from "Beach Zombies [single]"
Just Us Lillys - "Much Better Now" from "Not Far From the Tree"
Mark Charles - "Giving In To Gravity" from "Calamity Strikes"
Dick Stusso - "Convenient Life" from "S.P."
Brooks Nielsen - "Rock and Roll with All of You" from "One Match Left"
Ed Ryan - "Lighthouse" from "A Big Life"
Webbed Wing - "I'm Fellin Alive" from "Right After I Smoke This... [EP]"
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