Broadcast live on our station 3/20/23 @ 7pm

Quiz Show - "Monumental Shade" from "Quiz Show"
KPC - "Our Cocoon" from "Mortimer's Emporium"
Big Rips - "Toys R Us Kid" from "Fun Face"
pheller - "The Bottom (Acoustic)" from "The Bottom (Acoustic) [single]"
Jacob Chacko (Featuring Deepa Geroge and Thomas Verghese) - "Dream" from "Dream [single]"
The Maravines - "Apple Pie" from "Orange"
The Gumbo Gumbas - "Dance With Me" from "Zydeland"
Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - "Charlie, I'm Not Ready" from "Postcards from the Damned"
Wet Methods - "Is It True?" from "WET METHODS"
The Break Plans - "Fashionably Late" from "Fashionably Late [single]"
Hello Whirled - "I See The Light" from "Fuck Your Process Throw Your Life At A Wall"
The New Bardots - "Thrill Of The Night" from "Thrill Of The Night [single]"
AFTYN - "Autumn" from "Autumn [single]"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "You Have a Light Around You" from "You Have a Light Around You [single]"
Penfold - "Untitled #1 (a huge manatee)" from "Final Demos"
Ferocious Designs - "The Greatest Love" from "Looking for the Light"
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