Broadcast live on our station 3/14/23 @ 7pm

Scott McMicken and THE EVER-EXPANDING - "Reconcile" from "Shabang"
Tchotchke - "I Wish You Were A Girl" from "Tchotchke"
The Campbell Apartment - "Fun In The Sun" from "Fun In The Sun [single]"
Manchester Orchestra - "The Way" from "The Valley of Vision"
Gramercy Arms - "Deleted Scene" from "Deleted Scene"
girlhouse - "worth it" from "worth it [single]"
Steve Mason - "No More" from "Brothers & Sisters"
Skinny Pelembe - "Don't Be Another" from "Hardly The Same Snake"
Tom Maroon - "Lowflyers" from "Lowflyers"
Stella Prince - "Crying on a Saturday Night" from "Crying on a Saturday Night [single]"
Indigo De Souza - "Smog" from "Smog [single]"
Emily King - "Medal" from "Medal [single]"
Nat Myers - "Yellow Peril" from "Yellow Peril"
The Decibels - "Walk Away" from "When Red Lights Flash"
Aggros - "Sk8bored Fight" from "Rise of the Aggros"
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