Broadcast live on our station 3/13/23 @ 7pm

Charlie Pants - "Dirty Knees" from "Bathtub Beach"
retrohaze - "all the reasons why" from "001"
veterinarian declan - "hey mr. paul" from "extra music"
Louvena the Scout - "Quartzsite" from "Quartzfruit"
Sam Tunkel - "Daily Dose Of Pain" from "Your Daily Dose"
Ferocious Designs - "G.F.Y." from "Looking for the Light"
Strange Talking Animals - "Face Another Day" from "FAWM 2023 + Black Friday Connections EP"
Hello Whirled - "Everywhere I Do" from "Requiem For A Scene"
tylerballingall - "king!king!king!" from "i'm sorry it's raining"
KPC - "The Spoils" from "The Spoils [single]"
ThatBoiCarter - "Hip-Hop Karloff" from "The NASA Tapes: 3000 & Beyond..."
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