Broadcast live on our station 2/28/23 @ 7pm

The Campbell Apartment - "Sand and Glue" from "Sand and Glue [single]"
Tanlines - "Outer Banks" from "Outer Banks [single]"
Scoopski - "Double" from "Double [single]"
Catherine Wacha - "I Bit My Tongue (demo)" from "2nd Annual Giving a Second Chance a Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants"
Cigarettes After Sex - "Pistol" from "Pistol [single]"
Tianna Esperanza - "Lewis" from "Terror"
The Sounds Of Settling - "Healing Failures" from "Healing Failures [single]"
The Vagaband - "Desdemona" from "Beautiful World"
Sabet and Doherty - "DLMD" from "The Secret"
Derek Vanderhorst - "Wildflower" from "Wildflower"
James Houlahan - "Bloom" from "Beyond the Borders"
Lucero - "Time to Go Home" from "Should've Learned By Now"
Emarosa - "Danger" from "Sting"
Goldkimono - "Melancholy Rain" from "Melancholy Rain [single]"
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