Broadcast live on our station 2/27/23 @ 7pm

retrohaze - "difference remains" from "001"
Screaming Females - "Ornament" from "Desire Pathway"
Florian's Creek - "Sucks" from "Happy Music For Depressed People"
Jason Didner featuring Catherine Wacha - "This Gift" from "2nd Annual Giving a Second Chance a Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants"
Tommy Strazza - "Shrimp N' Grits" from "Shrimp N' Grits [single]"
Regency Club - "Deja Reve" from "Deja Reve [single]"
Fear Of Falling - "Looking Out For Number One" from "Looking Out For Number One [single]"
Omega Train featuring Lisa Coppola - "Endless Possibilities" from "Endless Possibilities [single]"
Hodera - "Little Falls" from "Dear Friend"
Matthew Mirliani - "The Multiplex...Closed Again" from "The Multiplex...Closed Again"
Anthony Krizan - "Lonesome Street" from "Lonesome Street"
Carlton Wilkinson | Produced by Dane Scalise - "Secrets" from "Inside Voices"
Lemboi - "The Last Task to Do on My Big List of Chores" from "I Do the Things I Do... For the Love of Knowledge"
Signal Valley - "Winners and Losers" from "Lotusland"
Laree H. Cisco - "Please Tell Me (If it's Over)" from "FAWM 2023"
King Tortis - "Haunted House" from "Red Violet"
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