Broadcast live on our station 2/21/23 @ 7pm

Avery Tare - "Invisible Darlings" from "7s"
Gary Gorence - "Oak Tree Hangin'" from "Oak Tree Hangin' [single]"
Ha'angana - "Wondering" from "Cheers To The Chiefs"
Grade 2 - "See You Around" from "Grade 2"
The Bar Stool Preachers - "Doorstep" from "Above the Static"
M.U.T.T. - "Bad To The Bone" from "Bad To The Bone"
Jacob Mathews - "Invite Me Up" from "Invite Me Up [single]"
Indigo De Souza - "Younger And Dumber" from "Younger And Dumber [single]"
Feist - "Love Who We Are Meant To" from "Multitudes"
CARR - "Dirty Shoes" from "Dirty Shoes [single]"
Whiskey's Wake - "Keep The Fight Alive" from "Distant Lands"
Fucked Up - "Cicada" from "One Day"
Benny Bleu - "Fairy Shrimp" from "March of the Mollusk"
The Long and Short Of It - "A Little Love Will Fix You Up" from "Midnight Choir"
Paul McCann - "Lost in this Moment" from "Alter Ego"
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