Broadcast live on our station 2/20/23 @ 7pm

Sean Faust - "Settle In (Live)" from "Live Volume Four - 50/ Fifty 9.18.22"
Val Emmich - "Old Folks" from "Asleep In Your Clothes"
Carlton Wilkinson | Produced by Dane Scalise - "In The Cold Water" from "Inside Voices"
The Successful Failures - "Millions Of People" from "Wrong Together"
Laree H. Cisco - "Tesla Baby" from "FAWM 2023"
Screaming Females - "Beyond The Void" from "Desire Pathway"
K.K. Reaper - "Pentagon Approved" from "The New Normal (A Retrospective on the Seemingly Infinite Cycle)"
Troll Teeth - "Expired" from "Underground Vol 1"
operants - "Chevy Malibu" from "Chevy Malibu / The Shift"
emeka - "whitney (demo)" from "whitney (demo)"
Fox Teeth - "Two Emos (And Some Checkered Vans)" from "Through The Blue"
Deviant Youth - "Never Gonna Happen Land" from "Never Gonna Happen Land [single]"
YEAR OF THE WIZARD - "bottomfeeder" from "sids and beyond 2020-2022"
Lupe Dragon - "Unsaid" from "Unsaid [single]"
Andrew Nieporent - "Esperanza" from "Andrew & The Valentines"
Andy Wilson - "After Dark" from "Perpetual Sunrise Demos"
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