Broadcast live on our station 2/14/23 @ 7pm

Wesley Hanna - "Brand New Love Potion" from "Brand New Love Potion [single]"
My Politic - "Sleepin' Off The Blues" from "Missouri Folklore"
Beck - "Thinking About You" from "Thinking About You [single]"
Wig Wam - "God By Your Side" from "Out Of The Dark"
Violet Saturn - "U Should Go" from "All The Cool Kids"
Square Loop - "Short Breath" from "The Longest Distance Between Two Points"
Floral Portrait - "Clarissa" from "Floral Portrait"
Fringe Benefit - "Darling" from "Fringe Benefit [re-issue]"
mUmbo - "Rolli'n Over" from "Rolli'n Over [single]"
Neil Howell - "Nothing" from "The Wasteland"
Depeche Mode - "Ghosts Again" from "Memento Mori"
Explode The TV - "Everything Points To You" from "Everything Points To You [single]"
Lostboycrow - "Libra Moon" from "Indie Pop"
Kate Davis - "Call Home" from "Fish Bowl"
Harbour - "I've Only Started Running" from "I've Only Started Running [single]"
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