Broadcast live on our station 2/6/23 @ 7pm

Hodera - "Starlight" from "Dear Friend"
Voidness and Kamii - "DSP" from "Moments Before"
Geb Zurburg - "Sun and Sea" from "Forty High Five"
Quiz Show - "What If?" from "Quiz Show"
THIEV - "noise machine" from "fade"
Fox Teeth - "Stay Here" from "Through the Blue"
Hubbell Benson - "'Cept For Him" from "'Cept For Him [single]"
Andrew Nieporent - "(Theme From) Andrew & the Valentines" from "Andrew & the Valentines"
Alex Sieira - "Won't Give Up" from "Welcome Home"
Jason Didner - "This Heart Was Built To Last" from "Side Effects"
Hello Whirled - "Face It, I'm Fucked" from "Tender Hand Crushes The Bird"
stevesquared. - "Hoodie Weather" from "Going to the Game"
erase:rewind - "Watching Life Through Dirty Glasses" from "Watching Life Through Dirty Glasses [single]"
BYRH - "Tin Man" from "Bring Your Right Hand"
Play Head - "Burden Stone" from "Around an Autumn Moon"
Endless Teeth - "Full Circle (Ink & Dagger cover)" from "'97"
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