Broadcast live on our station 1/31/23 @ 7pm

Dave Hause - "Hazrd Lights" from "Drive It Like It's Stolen"
Dan Croll - "Slip Away" from "Slip Away [single]"
July Talk - "Silent Type" from "Remember Never Before"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Stranglehold" from "Stranglehold [single]"
The Stayawakes - "Inevitable Truth (Red Squirrel Demo)" from "Dogs and Cats / Living Together (Special Edition)"
The Bad Ends - "Honestly" from "The Power and the Glory"
Foggy Otis - "Cry Cry Cry" from "Cry Cry Cry [single]"
Caroline Rose - "Miami" from "Miami [single]"
Mazeika - "Lake Town Effect" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 12 by Painting a Song"
Tuomo & Markus - "Highest Mountain" from "Game Changing"
CornMaiz Stringband - "Dance A Jig" from "Fresh-Picked Kentucky Music"
the Murder Capitol - "Only Good Things" from "Gigi's Recovery"
Jacob Mathews & Macon Connors - "Mystery" from "Mystery [single]"
Calvin Johnson - "Pink Cadillac" from "Gallows Wine"
Carolyn Marosy - "She Loves Me" from "Loners, Misfits and Rebels"
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