Broadcast live on our station 1/30/23 @ 7pm

Geb Zurburg - "Dreaming" from "Forty High Five"
Dana Why - "Outside" from "The Lyre"
San Tropez - "Apartment Voice" from "Maybe Tomorrow"
BYRH - "Pinkish Clouds" from "Bring Your Right Hand"
Shawn Mars - "Green Machine" from "Out Of My Head"
Old Friends - "Missing" from "Missing [single]"
Solid Bronze - "Green Light" from "Mt.Fuji"
Samuel Vincent - "Primal" from "Rivalry"
Rov - "Ring Me Out" from "Ring Me Out [single]"
Alex Sieira - "Better Days" from "Welcome Home"
Cynthia Rittenbach - "Stay Awhile (Dusty Springfield Cover)" from "Fueled by Women: A Benefit Compilation"
Quinn Kennedy - "Going Upstate" from "Unnamed #11 and Other Demos"
Mark Parker - "The Blues and a Cheap Guitar" from "Retroactive Bastard"
Memory Core - "Ray" from "Ray/Never Have I Known"
Today Is... - "Paperclip (Demo)" from "Tunes for Bears To Dance To (Demos)"
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