Broadcast live on our station 1/24/23 @ 7pm

Royel Otis - "I Wanna Dance With You" from "I Wanna Dance With You [single]"
The Bar Stool Preachers - "All Turned Blue" from "Above The Static"
Strawberry Fuzz - "Talk" from "Strongs Dr."
Pat Byrne - "Feels Like Living" from "Feels Like Living [single]"
The Crafty Badger's Group - "Funny Old World" from "Everyday Life"
The Century Band feat. Marc Delgado - "January" from "January [single]"
Purr - "The Natural" from "The Natural [single]"
Populuxe - "The Show Is Closed" from "Uneasy Listening"
Ville Valo - "The Foreverlost" from "Neon Noir"
Bonny Doon - "Crooked Creek" from "Crooked Creek [single]"
Benny Sings - "The Only One" from "Young Hearts"
Jacuzzi Fuzz - "All It Took" from "All It Took [single]"
Satellite Train - "Broken Heart" from "Shameless"
Nick Waterhouse - "Hide And Seek" from "The Fooler"
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