Broadcast live on our station 1/23/23 @ 7pm

Dana Why - "Kneel" from "The Lyre"
Drive, Kid - "Carrie" from "Everything Awake"
Solo For Dolo - "The Long Road" from "No Where To Go (LP) 2023"
Mark Parker - "Promising the End" from "Retroactive Bastard"
No - "Worse" from "Brandon Lee EP"
Shawn Mars - "Caffeine Kids" from "Out Of My Head"
Post Nuclear Beach Party - "Time Has It's Way" from "Post Nuclear Beach Party"
Joe Billy - "Bad Habits" from "Fissure"
The Rubber Thongs - "Ex-Junkie w/ Money" from "Ex-Junkie w/ Money [single]"
rory alene - "Jacket Collar" from "Quiet, So Far"
Audi Meae - "Everywhere You Go" from "Everywhere You Go [single]"
Human Zoo - "Wealth & Hellness" from "Wealth & Hellness [single]"
Loose Panic - "One Wave" from "In Hindsight"
The Weeklings - "I've Just Seen a Face [The Beatles cover]" from "I've Just Seen a Face [single]"
Rov - "Route 88" from "Ground Control"
Phoneboy - "Ferrari" from "Moving Out"
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