Broadcast live on our station 1/17/23 @ 7pm

The Drowns - "The Lost Boys Of Suburbia" from "Split 7""
Sun Room - "Cadillac" from "Outta Their Minds [EP]"
Carolyn Marosy - "Loners, Misfits and Rebels" from "Loners, Misfits and Rebels [EP]"
Darksoft - "Stones Unturned" from "Beigeification"
M83 - "Oceans Niagara" from "Fantasy"
The New Pornographers - "Really Really Light" from "Continue as a Guest"
Oberon Rose - "Four Winds" from "Purple, Blue & Crimson"
Gabrielle Shonk - "People Pleaser" from "Across The Room"
Kate Davis - "Monster Mash" from "Fish Bowl"
Stephen Lawrenson - "Blue Room" from "Chants of a Lifetime"
Young Fathers - "Rice" from "Heavy Heavy"
Square Loop - "Short Breath" from "The Longest Distance Between Two Points"
Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Nobody" from "The Land, The Water, The Sky"
Plizzken - "One More Time" from "Split 7""
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