Broadcast live on our station 1/16/23 @ 7pm

Jim Mill - "Never Meant To Be" from "Unhappy Hour"
Rob Munk - "Run" from "Phased Out"
Loose Panic - "Gasoline" from "In Hindsight"
rory alene - "Humility" from "Quiet, So Far"
Graduation Speech - "Burn Eternal" from "Burn Eternal [single]"
Michael Brett - "This Is How You Get A Broken Heart" from "This Is How You Get A Broken Heart [single]"
woodthrush - "the great days in a week debate" from "3 short songs in which i filter my feelings about being back at home via jon bois quotables"
Ian Matthew Keller - "New job" from "56"
Jonathan Waffenschmidt's Morally Impractical Semi-Acoustic Many-Membered Armada/Collective! - "The Funniest Thing on Earth" from "Cake Songs"
Meadow Wood Lane - "The Crying Times" from "Since The Rain"
Fabulous Gabriel - "Walk Away" from "Walk Away [single]"
Nikki & The Skyrockets - "One More Highway" from "Late Last Night"
Joe Billy - "Fuck My Pride" from "Fissure"
Project 18 featuring Dave Vargo - "Know My Name" from "Pomona"
My Altamont - "Ondine [They Might Be Giants cover]" from "Ondine [single]"
Jude Ripley - "Ugly Lullaby" from "Pup In The Water"
Little Hag - "Tangled Up In Me [Skye Sweetnam Cover]" from "Fueled by Women: A Benefit Compilation"
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