Broadcast live on our station 1/2/23 @ 7pm

Project 18 featuring Dave Vargo - "In The Night" from "Pomona"
Omen and the Possum - "Walden" from "Omen and the Possum"
Cyphernaut - "Time Machine" from "Magpie EP"
Public Access - "Tell Me Your Secret" from "Embrace The Meteor"
Sonofdov - "Boy On Fire" from "Fangs"
Archangel - "Not Enough (ft. Dana Johann, Justin Benzino & Ruhi Gonen)" from "Inner Thoughts"
Jeff Devito - "Heart O' Mine" from "Sagittarius"
Dean Howey - "Turn Signal" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 11"
Nuisance Motel - "where it hurts" from "kosher 4 passover"
Joe Billy - "The Way Things Go" from "Fissure"
Weftin - "Wish" from "I Survived: The 27 Club B-Sides & Afterthoughts"
mr e - "q ball" from "drum and drummer"
Hello Whirled - "Imaginary Star" from "The Kids Don't Wanna Have Fun"
Loveseat Pete - "Polly (Live)" from "Live from the House"
veterinarian declan - "I Saw the Devil's Tree" from "Demo 16 - Hot Steaks"
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