Broadcast live on our station 12/26/22 @ 7pm

BreakTime - "Maybe No, Maybe Yes" from "Great Times"
OC Rippers - "Damaged One" from "Happy Hours Air Travel Club (3 song Sampler!)"
King Tortis - "Fresh Fruit" from "Tape 2"
Nikki & The Skyrockets - "Late Last Night" from "Late Last Night"
thin ears - "Cardinal" from "Your Mind Walked Away"
Dark Surfers - "One More" from "Can Dreams Be Real?"
Tony Lio - "Kaleidoscope" from "Kaleidoscope [single]"
Omen and the Possum - "Summer" from "Omen and the Possum"
Los Anjos - "Fire In The Night" from "Demos"
Audi Meae - "Always Yours" from "Always Yours [single]"
bb - "White Leather (Wolf Alice cover)" from "Fueled by Women: A Benefit Compilation"
Rorschach - "Moon" from "Honeymoon"
FUNNY FUEL - "Future Self" from "GET TOLD"
Rov - "Using" from "Using [single]"
Samuel Vincent - "Deadlock" from "Rivalry"
P.Genz - "GLORY (prod by KNG Bondalero)" from "GLORY [single]"
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