Broadcast live on our station 12/20/22 @ 7pm

Sparklehorse - "It Will Never Stop" from "It Will Never Stop [single]"
Darksoft - "It Is What It Is" from "Beigeification"
Subsonic Eye - "Hurt Your Head" from "Melt The Wax"
Underlined Passages - "Snowdonia" from "His Head Feels Like A Trainwreck Tonight"
Justin Courtney Pierre - "You're The Reason" from "Permanent Midnight"
Orbis Max with DW Dunphy - "Belford" from "This Just In"
Anti-Flag - "Victory or Death (We Gave 'Em Hell)" from "Lies They Tell Our Children"
Lipstereo - "Little Spaceships" from "Modern Mythology"
Cheekface - "Headache" from "Don't Ask"
Navel Grazr - "Back to Black (Amy Winehouse Cover)" from "Fueled by Women: A Benefit Compilation"
Emily King - "This Year" from "This Year [single]"
Black Belt Eagle Scout - "My Blood Runs Through This Land" from "The Land, The Water, The Sky"
The Real McKenzies - "Leave Her Johnny" from "Songs of the Highlands, Songs of the Sea"
NOFX - "My Favorite Enemy" from "Double Album"
Rokets - "Best Kept Secret" from "Break Free"
L.S. Dunes - "Like Forever" from "Pat Lives"
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