Broadcast live on our station 12/19/22 @ 7pm

The Vice Rags - "Vodoo Hoodoo" from "Midnight Ride"
Hit Like A Girl - "It Only Gets Worse" from "Becoming"
Zachary West & The Good Grief - "Die Laughing" from "Head Empty"
Sonofdov - "Fangs" from "Fangs EP"
Lena Fine - "tenderly, badly" from "while away (voice memos)"
Renee Maskin - "Lake Ontario" from "Dream A River"
Long Neck - "Bad Words" from "Live from Kaleidoscope Studios"
Jeff Devito - "In The Rye (ft. Fabiana Mendes)" from "Sagittarius"
Amanda Duncan - "Everybody Comes Around Here" from "Big Time Superhero"
Teen Idle - "Be My Baby (Ronettes Cover)" from "Fueled by Women: A Benefit Compilation"
Those Looks - "Tangier" from "Cults Near Me"
tiyu (ft. eleanor forte) - "another summer..." from "another summer... [single]"
Jason Didner - "When The Time Came" from "When The Time Came [single]"
JEFFREY - "Half Died" from "JEFFREY"
Brian Hartt - "Heat Island" from "Crib Notes"
The Wag - "These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [Nancy Sinatra cover]" from "Blue Bottles and Copper Coins"
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