Broadcast live on our station 11/15/22 @ 7pm

Metronomy X Panic Shack - "It's Good To Be Back" from "Small World (Special Edition)"
The Hunna - "You Can't Sit With Us" from "The Hunna"
Squalls - "Bride of Frankenstein" from "Squalls [Remastered Extended Edition]"
Franz Nicolay - "Your Ode Played By Frech Horns" from "New River"
more* - "Really Want To See You Tonight" from "Another Change EP"
Norwegian Soft Kitten - "The Thousandth Ship" from "On Loan From the Universe"
Grimson - "Heavy Machine" from "Heavy Machine [single]"
Artic Monkeys - "Body Paint" from "The Car"
Madeline Rosene - "Burn" from "Everyday Existential Crisis"
Aoife Nessa Frances - "Back To Earth" from "Protector"
Greg Chako - "Spring Rain" from "Friends, Old & New"
Rayland Baxter - "Graffiti Street" from "If I Were A Butterfly"
Baby Rose - "Go" from "Go [single]"
Oberon Rose - "Revelation Mountain" from "Purple, Blue & Crimson"
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