Broadcast live on our station 11/14/22 @ 7pm

Jeff Devito - "Sagittarius" from "Sagittarius"
Those Looks - "Tonight" from "Cults Near Me"
The Tremendous Mouthfuls - "The Greatest Love Song" from "The Greatest Love Song [single]"
Sonofdov - "Torchbearer" from "Fangs EP"
aubeydoo - "Seafoam" from "The Bigger Fish"
Southpaw - "Your Name" from "Your Name [single]"
Commons 2 - "Sparkle" from "Drop Dead from the Respite"
Hello Whirled - "Emily From A Distance" from "It's A Difficult Joy, But It's A Joy"
Who On Earth - "Ascension/Unbeaten" from "Blame"
Audi Meae - "Beautiful" from "Beautiful [single]"
Elk City - "Your Time Doesn't Exist" from "Above The Water"
The New Bardots - "Corporate Businessman" from "Corporate Businessman [single]"
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