Broadcast live on our station 11/8/22 @ 7pm

Elephant and Stars - "Morning Winter Sky" from "Last Chance Power Drive"
David Woodard - "Grand Scheme of Things" from "Stupid Kid"
Orbis Max with Dw Dunphy - "Days Back" from "This Just In"
The Backseat Lovers - "Words I Used" from "Waiting to Spill"
Young Mister - "Sure Thing" from "Revisions"
STR4TA - "Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray)" from "STR4TASFEAR"
Ziggy Alberts - "Campfire" from "Dancing In The Dark"
Irene Kelley - "Come Some Winter Morning (ft. The Kruger Brothers)" from "Snow White Memories"
The Greeners - "Don't Let Me Behind" from "Happiness Is Letting Go"
Harbour - "Swimming In My Head" from "Swimming In My Head [single]"
BRKN Love - "Forever's Enough" from "Black Box"
Wax Mekanix - "Ghostland" from "Mobocracy (Deluxe Edition)"
Lisa Richards - "Houdini" from "Waiting To Fly"
Knifeplay - "Bleed" from "Animal Drowning"
Lipstereo - "Take The Bus" from "Modern Mythology [EP]"
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