Broadcast live on our station 11/1/22 @ 7pm

Pinkshift - "Nothing (In My Head)" from "Love Me Forever"
Nightmarathons - "Bridge" from "Hidden Vigorish"
New Junk City - "Rosey" from "Beg A Promise"
Tanya Tucker - "Ready as I'll Never Be (feat. Brandi Carlile)" from "The Return of Tanya Tucker"
Plains - "Summer Sun" from "I Walked With You A Ways"
Honey Harper - "Broken Token" from "Honey Haprer & The Infinite Sky"
Sparta - "Kill the Man Eat the Man" from "Sparta"
Chez Kane - "Rock You Up" from "Powerzone"
Vixen77 - "You Gotta Go" from "Easy Access"
Ian Bailey - "Change Is Easy" from "You Paint The Pictures"
Luke LeBlanc - "Long Way To Go" from "Fugue State"
Thee Sacred Souls - "Love is the Way" from "Love is the Way"
Martha - "Beat, Perpetual" from "Please Don't Take Me Back"
The Mike Bell Cartel - "Mood Swings" from "The Cartel & I"
Bedouin Soundclash - "Beyond Four Walls" from "We Will Meet In A Hurricane"
Atta Boy - "Boys" from "Crab Park"
Sobs - "Last Resort" from "Air Guitar"
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