Broadcast live on our station 10/31/22 @ 7pm

Gina Royale - "Psycho Killer [Talking Heads cover]" from "Psycho Killer [single]"
Jason Didner - "Another Plot Twist" from "Another Plot Twist [single]"
Won't Say Rabbit - "Getcha" from "Getcha [single]"
Commons 2 - "In The Water" from "Drop Dead from the Respite"
Suit Of Lights - "The Empty Vault" from "The Empty Vault"
Hodera - "Waiting" from "Dear Friend"
See Are Bee - "Marissa Please" from "Marissa Please [single]"
aesha - "the evergreen tree" from "BLIND WIND / THE EVERGREEN TREE"
The Fondaleros - "She's Got a Peculiar Hitch in her Giddy-Up" from "Fondaleros"
Who On Earth - "On The Brink" from "Blame"
Joe Billy - "Piece of Mind" from "Fissure"
Rob Munk - "The Ghosts of San Francisco" from "Phased Out"
Squirrel - "The Butcher" from "Halloween"
Chris Tiedemann - "Til Next Time" from "The Sky Lites Vol. 1"
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