Broadcast live on our station 10/24/22 @ 7pm

The Vice Rags - "About Time" from "Midnight Ride"
Sapwood - "Johnny Jump Up" from "Johnny Jump Up [single]"
Rob Munk - "Amazon" from "Phased Out"
Hit Like A Girl - "Dismay" from "Becoming"
Loyalty To Me - "Nuisance" from "Nuisance [single]"
Boogie Down Apocalypse - "Along Came A Spider" from "Along Came A Spider [single]"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Ghosted" from "Raise 'Em High! & Other Delights"
Val Emmich - "Destiny" from "Destiny [single]"
Elk City - "Apology Song" from "Above The Water"
The Jack Moves - "This Time" from "Cruiserweight"
Audi Meae - "Vera" from "Vera [single]"
Joseph Puglia - "Run & Jump" from "Swim - EP"
Pat Veil - "Phone Booth" from "No Longer Human"
Diamond Waves - "Everybody Wants" from "Demos"
Plus Tax - "Pipeline" from "Plus Tax"
PAGAN TEETH - "CLOVER (The Witchining)" from "CLOVER (The Witchining) [single]"
veterinarian declan - "plaster" from "the vet's demos 3"
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