Broadcast live on our station 10/18/22 @ 7pm

Press Club - "Eugene" from "Endless Motion"
Willow - "BATSHIT!" from "CopingMechanism"
NOFX - "Darby Crashing Your Party" from "Double Album"
Andy's Mints - "Sweet Sun Day" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 9"
Sadie Jean - "Locksmith" from "Locksmith [single]"
Nikki Lane - "Born Tough" from "Denim & Diamonds"
Eliza Edens - "Ineffable" from "We'll Become the Flowers"
Surrender Hill - "Tumbleweed" from "Just Another Honky Tonk In A Quiet Western Town"
Marc Jonson & Ramirez Exposure - "Tape Recorder" from "Turning On the Century"
Pixies - "You're Such A Sadducee" from "Doggerel"
DEVON - "Life Advice" from "Somewhere In Nowhereland"
Robert Glasper - "Therapy Pt. 2 (feat. Mac Miller)" from "Therapy Pt. 2 (feat. Mac Miller) [single]"
Sports Team - "Cool It Kid" from "Gulp!"
October Drift - "Insects" from "I Don't Belong Anywhere"
Queensryche - "In Extremis" from "Digital Noise Alliance"
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