Broadcast live on our station 10/10/22 @ 7pm

Jack Skuller - "Asking For A Friend" from "Asking For A Friend [single]"
Big Rips - "Wellness Check" from "Wellness Check [single]"
Chico Romano - "Ur My Best Friend" from "Vol. 5"
Alex Julia - "Skin & Bones" from "Skin & Bones [single]"
Joe Billy - "Half Here" from "Fissure"
Cyborg Amok - "Fire Dance" from "Etiam"
Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band - "Shine As One" from "Shine As One [single]"
Those Looks - "I'm Fine" from "I'm Fine [single]"
All Systems Go - "Unread Messages" from "Non-Fiction"
Jason Didner - "Molasses Blues" from "Molasses Blues [single]"
Marc Ambrosia - "Cold Shoulder" from "Cold Shoulder [single]"
Hello Whirled - "Full Blown Makoto" from "An Asshole With A Drum Machine And A Guitar"
Dan Shifrin - "Selfish 4 2" from "Well Enough Alone"
Julian Cartwright - "Month of May" from "Outside The Tent"
The Smithereens - "Face The World With Pride" from "The Lost Album"
Tula Vera - "Astroplane" from "Astroplane [single]"
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