Broadcast live on our station 9/27/22 @ 7pm

Celebration Summer - "Bitter End" from "Patience In Presence"
More Kicks - "Come Home" from "Punch Drunk"
Mercyland - "Waiting for the Garbage Can" from "We Never Lost A Single Game"
Sean Marshall - "Let You Down" from "Past Life View"
Danielle Ponder - "Someone Like You" from "Some Of Us Are Brave"
Marcus Mumford - "Better Off High" from "(self-titled)"
Birthday Dad - "I Am" from "The Hermit"
Curious Grace & Black Rabbit - "Taylors Hill" from "Taylors Hill [single]"
The Rare Occassions - "Not Afraid" from "Not Afraid [single]"
Iron & Wine - "Shake" from "LORI [EP]"
Windser - "Friends I Barely Know" from "Where The Redwoods Meet The Sea"
Butcher Brown - "777" from "Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey"
Future Teens - "Good Reason" from "Self Help"
Death Cab for Cutie - "I Miss Strangers" from "Asphalt Meadows"
Tom Collins - "Another Cigarette" from "Another Cigarette [single]"
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