Broadcast live on our station 9/19/22 @ 7pm

All Systems Go - "What About a Shipwreck in Canada?" from "Non-Fiction"
Well Wisher - "Miserable" from "That Weight"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Look What You Made Me Do" from "Look What You Made Me Do [single]"
Karma Gambit - "Last Night I Dreamed" from "When Does Rock 'n' Roll Start To Get Sad?"
Mick Chorba (The Successful Failures) - "It Is The Rain" from "The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy"
Jack Skuller - "Give Yourself A Chance" from "Give Yourself A Chance [single]"
LKFFCT - "Moss" from "Moss [single]"
Damfino - "She's Got Judy Davis Eyes" from "Skywriting by Word of Mouth"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Sucker" from "The Studio 650 Sessions"
Kristy Chmura - "Souls Revolution" from "When The Light Gets In"
Marc Ambrosia - "Say You Love Me (Before You Go)" from "Say You Love Me (Before You Go) [single]"
The Lovely Creatures - "Nightmares" from "Black Heart"
John Cozz - "Sunday Sauce'd" from "Sunday Sauced"
The HiFi Video Club - "Boeotian Muses" from "Buddhas for Sale"
Cyborg Amok - "Wicked Close" from "Etiam"
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