Broadcast live on our station 9/12/22 @ 7pm

Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Watching You" from "Watching You [single]"
Joe Billy - "No Sympathy" from "Fissure"
illuminihilation - "Falling From The Sky" from "Shattered Shields, Pt. 1"
Chris Batten & The Woods - "Do It All Over" from "Do It All Over [single]"
Eric Harrison and Kevin Salem - "Somerset" from "Somerset [single]"
Poppa John Bug & The Jam Band - "Zeus's Anger Roar" from "Forgiven"
Damfino - "Chew a Little Ice" from "Skywriting by Word of Mouth"
Quinn Kennedy - "Sunday Drivers" from "Sunday Drivers [single]"
Social Media & Shocking Twist - "Half Smile" from "CBDJ [EP]"
Amerijam - "Mercy Mercy" from "The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy"
jpeck - "Deflated" from "Come What May"
Julian Cartwright - "Yellow Bird" from "Candy Stripe Heaven"
swamp_child - "I Don't Need Your Extroversion (My Potential)" from "Everything Is Sickeningly Real"
skyscraper scraping - "Whats the Damage" from "two thoughts"
New Veins - "Daydream" from "Growing Pains"
Rov - "Deserve You" from "Skeletons"
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