Broadcast live on our station 9/5/22 @ 7pm

John Cozz - "Indie Blockheads" from "Sunday Sauced"
Andrew Valentino - "It Ain't None Of Your Business" from "Xenismos"
The Marble Tea - "I Made Eye Contact With Chrissie Hynde" from "Sorry Chrissie Single"
The Maravines - "As It Grows [Sean Faust cover]" from "Don't Get Up, Relax"
Tom Barrett - "Cross a Concrete Sea" from "You Are and You’ve Always Been"
Dennis King - "Carry Me Home" from "The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy"
The Lovely Creatures - "Don't Say You're Sorry" from "Black Heart"
Girl - "Oh, Aloha" from "Ghost (EP)"
The dt's - "Tina" from "Tina [single]"
Kristy Chmura - "Come Home" from "That Weight"
Lee Fields - "Sentimental Fool" from "Sentimental Fool [single]"
furiousBall - "Just Whisper the News to Me" from "Good, No Good"
The Random Hubiak - "Light on By the Sea [single edit]" from "Light on By the Sea [single]"
Jim Arkus - "I Didn't Mind Waiting (Solomon Kane's Red Shadows)" from "No Paths Are Straight and My Sword Is Useless"
Jon Bricks - "Shoes In My Mouth" from "Simple As"
Sunblossom - "Lucky Number" from "The Open"
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