Broadcast live on our station 8/30/22 @ 7pm

Archers of Loaf - "Screaming Undercover" from "Reason in Decline"
The Happy Fits - "I'll be Somewhere" from "Under The Shade of Green"
Brunswick - "Good Stuff" from "The Same Ground"
Love In Reverse - "Assholes & Astronauts" from "Fake It"
Elijah Wolf - "Holding This In" from "Holding This In [single]"
Coco - "Rough Water" from "Rough Water [single]"
Vegas With Randolph - "Show Me How" from "The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy"
Disq - "If Only" from "Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet"
Brookfield Line - "Pick Me Up" from "Pick Me Up [single]"
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - "Sometimes" from "Cheat Codes"
Zach Harjo - "Black Moon" from "Black Moon [single]"
Marketa Irglova - "High & Dry" from "Lila"
Strategies - "Silent Count" from "Strategies"
Ezra Furman - "Throne" from "All Of Us Flames"
Hot Chip - "Freakout / Release" from "Freakout / Release"
The Mountain Goats - "Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome" from "Bleed Out"
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