Broadcast live on our station 8/22/22 @ 7pm

Goalie Fight - "Shineshoe" from "Shineshoe"
Cathedral Ceilings - "You Weren't Even Listening" from "Summer of Misguided Dynamite"
Slow Buildings - "Trying To Be Good" from "I Never Could Leave You"
Arlan Feiles - "It's So Easy" from "Blame Me"
Marc Ambrosia - "What if I'm Right?" from "What if I'm Right? [single]"
jpeck - "Old Misery" from "Come What May"
Joe Billy - "Here I Am Vulnerability" from "Fissure"
Prismic Society - "Show You (Ft. Genie Girl, AneMix, & L)" from "Cloud Factory"
Andrew Valentino - "Window Shrinks" from "Xenismos"
Jason Didner - "Side Effects" from "Side Effects [single]"
By Torchlight - "Strangers In The Night" from "A Night To Remember"
Geb Zurburg - "Thru The Muck" from "Get On"
Val Emmich - "Never No" from "Starburst"
Yupanki - "The After" from "Un Lugar Lejos EP"
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