Broadcast live on our station 8/15/22 @ 7pm

Vincent Brue - "Daddy Long Legs" from "Cabin Boy 2: Electric Bruegaloo"
NOT YER BABY - "Sleeping Well" from "Sleeping Well [single]"
crry yrslf - "foreword" from "unearthyourpain vol. 1"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Cut N Run" from "Cut N Run [single]"
Beach Rats - "Blown To Bits" from "Rat Beat"
Vista Rhymes - "APX" from "VR1"
Tom Barrett - "Hear It Again" from "You Are And You Always Have Been"
Andrew Nieporent - "The Last Man" from "Ain't Ashamed: Armory Sessions Vol. II"
Bosco & Peck - "She Don't Call Me Daddy" from "She Don't Call Me Daddy [single]"
woodthrush - "chh.mp3" from "chh.mp3 / my god! what have you done to her?"
Titus Andronicus - "Give Me Grief" from "The Will To Live"
AMZOT - "Moments" from "Sunrise / Sunset"
Steam Enginess - "Windchimes II" from "Lady of the Lake"
Armor For Sleep - "Whatever, Who Cares" from "The Rain Museum"
Lxnnnie - "This Soul Has a Feeling" from " Sunshine Flipside [Demo-Remaster-2000]"
Quinn Kennedy - "The Nothing Suite" from "I've Seen All the People Go Their Way"
Chris Tiedemann - "You're Still Here (I'm Glad You're Here)" from "Small Secrets"
Leema Mountain - "A Blessing to Kill the Beast" from "A Blessing to Kill the Beast [single]"
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