Broadcast live on our station 8/9/22 @ 7pm

Cheekface - "When Life Hands You Problems" from "Too Much To Ask"
Sator - "Big Burden" from "Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers"
BRUTUS - "Liar" from "Unison Life"
Winter - "Lose You" from "Lose You [single]"
Charlie Hickey - "Planet With Water" from "Nervous At Night"
Dida Pelled - "About Patricia" from "Love of the Tiger"
Maggie Rogers - "Want Want" from "Surrender"
Gymnasium - "The Scene Queen" from "Hansen's Pop 'n' Rock Music '22"
Joel Tyler Wall - "Stranger" from "F.I.T.H."
Wax Tailor - "Searchin (ft. Kuf Knotz)" from "Searchin [single]"
Greg Chako - "Jones'in" from "Sudden Impact"
Earth Tremma - "If You Only" from "If You Only [single]"
The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club - "Hold You Up" from "Please Stand By"
Cones - "Broken Apples" from "Almanac"
Super 8 - "Tanks & Guns" from "POP AID - A Power Pop Compilation to Benefit the Citizens of Ukraine"
flipturn - "Playground" from "Shadowglow"
Sydney Sprague - "Think Nothing" from "Think Nothing [single]"
Megafauna - "Never Here to Please" from "Megafauna"
Grimson - "Set Gently" from "Set Gently [single]"
Danger Mouse & Black Thought - "Aquamarine" from "Cheat Codes"
The Midnight - "Brooklyn. Friday. Love." from "Brooklyn. Friday. Love. [single]"
Plains - "Problem With It" from "I Walked With You A Ways"
Art Moore - "Sixish" from "Art Moore"
The Eighty Six Seas - "This Is Just a Simple Song" from "Guy and Girl"
Fazerdaze - "Come Apart" from "Come Apart [single]"
Elsewhere - "In Search of The Unknown" from " a Fraction"
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