Broadcast live on our station 8/8/22 @ 7pm

The Gumbo Gumbas - "King Cake" from "King Cake [single]"
Cheeks - "Lover's Love" from "CHARM-ING"
The Successful Failures - "Uncle Jimmy" from "Uncle Jimmy [single]"
Jeff Devito - "Peaches and Pie" from "Sagittarius"
EGoGo - "Little Less" from "The Jazz Cats Debacle"
By Torchlight - "Mr. White" from "A Night to Remember"
Lupe Dragon - "Your Charming Head" from "Your Charming Head [single]"
Wake Up Paradise - "Don't Look Now" from "Don't Look Now [single]"
Marco Sepe - "Hallucinations" from "Hallucinations [single]"
JPeck - "Suddenly" from "Come What May"
possum in my room - "gleaming" from "gleaming b/w iowa"
Karma Gambit - "Cable Knit Sweater" from "Cable Knit Sweater [single]"
Until Tomorrow - "Plastic" from "demos vol. 1"
AMZOT - "Hit Me Up Again" from "Sunrise / Sunset"
Loon Lord - "A Red Field Hue" from "A Red Field Hue [single]"
Themes For Frances - "Focus On One Point (and breathe)" from "Focus On One Point (and breathe) [single]"
Matthew Pelli - "Broken Home & Bloodshot Eyes" from "Broken Home & Bloodshot Eyes [single]"
modern culture - "cabin fever (acoustic)" from "streets"
Audi Meae - "Don't Let Go" from "Don't Let Go [single]"
woodthrush - "song for the snail that kills you instantly" from "eepy EP"
Yupanki - "Echoes in the Valley" from "Un Lugar Lejos EP"
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