Broadcast live on our station 8/1/22 @ 7pm

Bosco and Peck - "Somewhere Down The Road (feat. Mary Jennings)" from "Somewhere Down The Road [single]"
Four Dollar Piece - "The First Man To Live Forever" from "Going Grey"
Hooper - "Dallas" from "Dallas [single]"
Val Emmich - "Shine" from "Starburst"
Gin War - "Red Hand" from "Between Emergencies"
furiousBall - "A Fossil In Her Shadow" from "Good, No Good"
Joe Billy - "2AM" from "2AM [single]"
John-Paul Cirelli - "Age of Artifical" from "Nothing But Contempt"
Jason Didner - "Patient Portal" from "Patient Portal [single]"
By Torchlight - "A Dangerous Game" from "A Night to Remember"
Cathedral Ceilings - "Recycle Me" from "Summer of Misguided Dynamite"
FEXX - "Alone Tonight" from "An Introduction To..."
Albert Ryan - "Ocean" from "Ocean [single]"
NightLight - "Baddie" from "Nightlight Lp"
Ada - "2016" from "Bummer Solistice"
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