Broadcast live on our station 7/12/22 @ 7pm

EKKSTACY - "I Guess" from "See You Next Year Class of 2022"
Sincere Engineer - "Bottle Lightning Twice" from "Bottle Lightning Twice [single]"
THICK - "Loser" from "Happy Now"
Dansped & The Carpool to Oblivion - "Theocracy of America" from "Rock Against Hate Volume 4 - Benefiting Planned Parenthood"
Gwar - "Ratcatcher" from "The New Daark Ages"
Blood Command - "The End Is Her" from "Praise Armageddonism"
Femme Deadly Venoms - "Femmenomenon" from "Femmenomenon"
Son Little - "Stoned Love" from "Like Neptune"
Braxe + Falcon - "Step By Step ft. Panda Bear" from "Step By Step EP"
Andy's Mints - "Taking Time" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 6"
The Rare Occasions - "Seasick" from "Seasick [single]"
Nerf Herder - "We All Got Covid! (Except For Linus)" from "We All Got Covid! (Except For Linus) [single]"
NoSo - "Everything I've Got" from "Stay Proud of Me"
Husbands - "Ancient One" from "Full-On Monet"
Korean Boyfriend - "Millions of Reasons" from "YELLOW"
J.D. Huggins - "Final Hour" from "Head Full of Monsters"
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