Broadcast live on our station 7/11/22 @ 7pm

Money For The Toll - "Complete Inside Me" from "Land"
Driving Underwater - "Monsters" from "One Sided Conversations"
Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band - "Root" from "Root"
Sweaty Lamarr - "Dorothy No More" from "A Little Bit Cuntry, A Little Bit Rock & Roll"
Renee Maskin & Noordzy - "Angel Eyes" from "Mint400 Records Standard Issue"
Audi Meae - "Problem Child" from "Problem Child [single]"
Steam Enginess - "With Flowers" from "Lady of the Lake"
Classic Traffic - "Solo Show" from "Classic Traffic"
Ryan Walsh - "The Party Never Stops" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 6"
Southpaw - "Whiskey and Whine" from "Whiskey and Whine [single]"
Mad Crab & The Dancing Lobsters - "Organized Crime" from "Individualized"
Mikey Erg - "Heartbreak No. 53" from "Love At Leeds"
Timelord Smith - "The Mariner" from "Who Made The Egg Salad Sandwiches?"
Chris Tiedemann - "Stranger on the Scene" from "Small Secrets"
NightLight - "Torn Up" from "NightLight EP"
GIN WAR - "Ashley" from "Between Emergencies"
Vincent Brue - "Trash Eagle" from "Trash Eagle"
Jacob Mathews - "Shake This Feeling" from "Shake This Feeling [single]"
Commons 2 - "Plans" from "Everything You Have Been Waiting for but All at Once"
Deviant Youth - "A Promise I Can't Keep" from "A Promise I Can't Keep [single]"
Pat Veil - "V.I.P." from "Walt Disney Presents...Pat Veil"
The Sensational Country Blues Wonders! - "I'm a Caterpillar" from "The Adventures of a Psychedlic Cowboy"
Daredevil Pilots - "Sleepy Fire" from "Failure Is An Animal"
Wil Madden - "Soul feat. ScienZe" from "Soul [single]"
Sunken Eyes - "Desert Valley" from "Despondency Music"
Sapwood - "the way that the world works" from "happygoluckyfucker"
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