Broadcast live on our station 7/5/22 @ 7pm

Petrol Girls - "Fight For Our Lives" from "Baby"
Coheed and Cambria - "Shoulders" from "Vaxis - Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind"
Starcrawler - "Roadkill" from "Roadkill [single]"
Rogers & Butler - "Oh Romeo" from "Brighter Day"
Andrew Bird - "Stop n Shop" from "Inside Problems"
Martin Courtney - "Exit Music" from "Magic Sign"
Tijuana Panthers - "Cricket Meditation" from "Halfway To Eighty"
Joyce Manor - "You're Not Famous Anymore" from "40 oz. To Fresno"
The Stone Souls - "Butterfly SuckerPunch" from "Misfits"
Pat Birk - "A Songbird Came to Me" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 5"
Bread Pilot - "Skin Day" from "New To You"
The Alright Maybes - "Gone" from "Gone [single]"
Crozet - "Keep Waiting" from "Suburbia"
Luke Steele - "Common Man" from "Listen To The Water"
Motherhood - "Shepherd" from "Winded"
Jordy Searcy - "Daylight" from "Daylight"
Bishops Green - "Empty Streets" from "Black Skies"
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