Broadcast live on our station 6/14/22 @ 7pm

Drive-By Truckers - "Every Single Storied Flameout" from "Welcome 2 Club XIII"
The Ballroom Thieves - "Shadow" from "Clouds"
Devon - "Girlfriend Song" from "Girlfriend Song [single]"
Doe Paoro - "Phases" from "Divine Surrendering"
J.D. Huggins - "Head Full Of Monsters (ft. Caitlynne Curtis)" from "Head Full Of Monsters [single]"
Butcher Brown & Michael Millions - "Black Man" from "Black Man [single]"
Queen of Jeans - "Why Hide" from "Hiding In Place [EP]"
Post Animal - "Cancer Moon" from "Love Gibberish"
Michael Rault - "Exactly What I Needed" from "Michael Rault"
Tiffany Williams - "All Those Days of Drinking Dust" from "All Those Days of Drinking Dust [single]"
Wilco - "Tired of Taking It Out On You" from "Cruel Country"
Edgar Loudermilk Band - "The Deal That Won't Go Down" from "The Dark Side Of Lonesome"
Simon McBride - "Don't Dare" from "The Fighter"
The Black Angels - "El Jardin" from "Wilderness of Mirrors"
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