Broadcast live on our station 6/13/22 @ 7pm

Hello Whirled - "Hello Whirled Across America" from "Death Begins At Birth"
Operants - "Financier's Dream" from "Financier's Dream / Summer of Discontent"
Out Of Service - "Offshore" from "The Ground Beneath Me"
Amanda Rose Riley - "I Went Online" from "Broken Heart"
Audi Meae - "Wait For Me" from "Wait For Me [single]"
Wranglin' Rick Gordon - "Things Have Gotten Worse" from "Things Have Gotten Worse"
Ferocious Designs - "Now or Never" from "Now or Never [single]"
kaszimir - "Born Today" from "Hodgepodge Vol. 1"
lastweek - "Everything Else and Me" from "Drawing for Fun"
Terminal Sunburn - "Trash Truck Of Love" from "Neverwhere"
Chemical Mortar Battalion - "Bored" from "War Plan Red"
Mike Levine - "Track 2" from "Track 2 [single]"
Marc Ambrosia - "Feelings Don't Die" from "Feelings Don't Die [single]"
Ryan Walsh - "Deep End" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 5"
Four Dollar Piece - "Chewing on Styrofoam" from "Chewing on Styrofoam [single]"
Trent Carr - "Go Back Home" from "Trent Carr"
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