Broadcast live on our station 6/7/22 @ 7pm

The Dangerous Summer - "Coming Home" from "Coming Home [single]"
Stars - "Hoping" from "From Capelton Hill"
The Small Calamities - "Hey Cat" from "Stupid Love Songs [EP]"
Blunt Chunks - "BWFW" from "Blunt Chunks"
Femme Deadly Venoms - "My Body" from "Femmenomenon"
Trombone Shorty - "Miss Beautiful" from "Lifted"
Neil Howell - "The Sad Tale Of Cowboy Bob" from "Underview"
Marlon Williams - "My Boy" from "My Boy [single]"
John Jody - "Chelsea Encounter" from "Crooked Star EP"
Hyphen Hyphen - "Too Young" from "Too Young [single]"
Pink Mountaintops - "Miss Sundown" from "Peacock Pools"
the Mountain Goats - "Training Montage" from "Bleed Out"
iamamiwhoami - "Thunder Lightning" from "Be Here Soon"
The Dreaded Laramie - "Archipelago" from Everything A Girl Could Ask"
Arlie - "Wait A Minute" from "Break The Curse"
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