Broadcast live on our station 6/6/22 @ 7pm

Poison I.V. - "Scratch" from "Poison I.V."
Deviant Youth - "Midnight Conversations" from "We Don't Just Swallow Swords"
Tommy Strazza - "Visions Of Anjelia" from "Visions Of Anjelia [single]"
Sweaty Lamarr - "Abbey, I'm Sorry I Stole Your Man" from "A Little Bit Cuntry, A Little Bit Rock & Roll"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Sins" from "Broken Heart"
Grin & Bear - "Put Me in the Back of the Line" from "Naturally Goes"
Terminal Sunburn - "New Brunswick Strut" from "Neverwhere"
Ill-Advised - "Bad Guys" from "Hard Times"
Natalie Farrell - "Fake Authenticity" from "Fake Authenticity [single]"
Diego Allessandro - "The Ride" from "The Best of Diego Allessandro 2012-2022"
Daddy's Closet - "GARDENIA" from "RUNNER'S HIGH"
Jon Forte - "Stage Fright" from "Jon Forte"
Palamino - "I really want to leave" from "Saint Gabriel EP"
Mike Chick - "What Trenton Made The World Took" from "I Don't Write Love Songs"
Five Dollar Day - "Tambourines" from "Dirt Bomb"
Mourning Coffee - "HIGH AND DRY" from "RETROGRADE"
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